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Making a vector logo or object 3D.

Making a vector from Illustrator 3D in After Effects… We will also ad some awesome special effects. we are going to learn how to take nearly any vector object from Adobe Illustrator, take it into After Effects, make it 3D using the element 3D plugin, and then using the Red Giant suite to blow …

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Making a Meme.

Making a High Quality Meme. Not just any meme though! This one will be legendary! In this blog post we are going to learn how to use some of the tools in photoshop to make an extremely high quality meme. We will use many techniques like masking, blending modes, extending the image by duplicating then …

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macro shot of a blue keyboard button Caps Lock

Caps Lock

The versatility of caps lock in Adobe… Yes it does more than just make your text all capitalized. Today I am going to write about the different functionalities of the caps lock button across some of the different softwares that Adobe offers. Aside from mysteriously getting stuck on and us having to google an answer …

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