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Taking something cool and making it our own.

Today we will learn how to use a stock after effects template from Envato marketplace and customize it to match our brand or suit our purposes. For the purpose of this tutorial I will just use my branding but you can use whatever you like. Also you don’t even have to use the same template as me. I am just creating this to show you just how easy it is to change up the elements in some of these templates out there. So go ahead and get yourself an after effects template and let’s get started. Here’s a link to the 1 I used in case you want something similar to what I have in the video above.

Find yourself a template that will suit your purpose and open it up in after effects. I’ll use the 1 from the video above as an example here to show you the process. Many of these templates are quite simple to use which also makes it easy to figure out as well as saving time. If you can and your client is OK with it I would advise using a template. I get mine from Envato marketplace. Just make sure that if you are using templates you are completely transparent with your clients on the cost of the templates, where you got them from etc. There is no need to make up stories and tell them it is worth more than it is or things like that. Then if the client 1 day finds out they won’t be happy that is guaranteed. If you have subscribed to Envato a good way to find a price for the template you used is to open a new browser tab in incognito mode and go to envato without being signed in, search for the template, and find it’s price. If it cannot be found, find something very similar and show it to your client.

Let's get started.


Alright. If you’re using the same template as me, you’ll notice that when you opened it several compositions were already open. That’s perfect leave them all open. The 1 called — RENDER — will be used to render the final file. Since the file is already keyframed near the end, let’s go ahead and change out the Envato logo and website text to something of our own. I will use my website and my logo. You can use whatever you like. to do this double click the yellow layer within the timeline. Image #1 will show you what things looked like before I edited them and image # 2 will show you what things look like after I finished editing them. 

Much like these elements the rest of the file is very simple to edit. Let’s move on to that and I will show you just how easy and fast it is to make these templates your own.

Drag your keyframe selector back until it looks like image #1. Then go to the composition labeled Text Placeholder 3. This is what is shown in image #2. From here you can edit it and use either text or a logo I chose to use text and a logo.

Images #3 and #4 both show what mine looks like after I finished editing the content. You might have to play with the position of things to make them fit just thew way you want. To do that adjust the position of the elements in the placeholder composition and they will move in the main render composition.

Just like we did before drag your keyframe selector back until it looks like this and edit the content of the layers. This 1 is a bit more tricky because the band on the shield can interfere with the content. Adjust your content so it fits nicely above and/or below the band.

Here is what mine looks like. I chose to use my logo but I split up the elements to be above and below the band on the shield. You don’t have to use a logo here if you don’t want to and can use text onlu or a logo only. The choice is yours get creative!

Drag your keyfram selector back 1 last time until your renbder composition looks something like image #1. Then go to the placeholder 1 composition and edit the file. You don’t have to use text only. You can use a logo or whatever you like.

Here is what mine looks like. Yours should look something similar. Feel free to play around with the file and add any additional effects if you like. I am happy with the results so I am going to leave mine the way it is.

Great job! Now you know just how quick and easy it is to edit some of the templates found on Envato marketplace. If you plan on doing this in the future be sure to check and make sure that the file doesn’t require the use of any plugins before you pay for it. Many use element 3D, a plugin for after effects that allows us to extrude text into 3D and use 3D models and all sorts of stuff. I will be talking about Element 3D in a later blog post. 

The End...

Thank you for showing interest in my blog post. If you found it helpful or have any suggestions for how I can improve my content, please feel free to kindly leave a comment. I look forward to bringing you some more exciting content to help you further develop your design skills in the near future!

Take care.

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