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Welcome to the Branding and logo section of my website. Most of these are projects from school or personal projects. There are a few client projects as well. I will provide a brief description of each project in the column beside it. If you enjoy the content I create and would like to work with me in the future there is a contact form located at the bottom of every page. I am looking forward to bringing your creative visions to life!

Client Work.

Although my list of clients may be small for now. I value them all greatly. Each client has taught me something different about not only entrepreneurship but also about the design process. In addition to this I have learned some things about myself from each of my clients and I am more than grateful for the learning experiences provided. I look forward to adding your work to my clients section! Get in touch with me using the contact form at the bottom of every page if you are interested in having me design for you.

Ohio Retail Realty

Ohio Retail Realty is a realty brand owned by Tito Tahan. It has been a true blessing working with Tito. There are plenty of articles about him on the internet. Through reading them I learned a ton about entrepreneurship and being self driven. I also learned some valuable things in dealing with clients as he was my 1st client. I was honored when he accepted my offer to intern for him throughout my studies as a designer/web developer. Over the course of the time working with Tito he taught me many things. From listening to healing Mantras while I exercise to increase the benefits and quality of my workouts. All the way down to successful tips on perfecting my craft and creating a healthy business relationship. To learn more about Tito simply type his name into google search. HERE IS A LINK TO TITO’S PERSONAL WEBSITE. I used the branding to create a mock website for school. HERE IS A LINK TO THE MOCK REALTY WEBSITE.

Thank You for everything Tito!


K-RONZ is short for Kronzookles. It is a local cannabis startup company. They wanted a logo that had a quick turn around and that wasn’t going to be as costly as a custom logo designed from scratch. To meet their demands I licensed a template for the main image, manipulated it slightly, added the text and re-used 1 of the smoke elements for a background. They were thrilled with the result and are looking forward to working with me building the rest of their brand. I learned some valuable things when dealing with clients in person from them. They also taught me a few things about entrepreneurship.

Thank You for choosing me to build your brand!

School Projects.

All Mountain.

This was the 1st logo I ever created. I always enjoyed the outdoors and hiking so I decided to create a logo for a fake outdoor apparel company. I didn’t like it too much at first but everyone always tells me how much they like it. That caused it to grow on me and I like it much more now. It was right when we were first learning how to use the pen tool in Illustrator. Creating the custom shapes was alot of fun and the pen tool ended up being 1 of my favorite tools to use in illustrator.

Aries Fitness.

This was the second logo I ever created using the pen tool. I got the idea for a fitness brand because I enjoy exercising in my free time and fitness is important to me. The project also required us to create a brochure, business cards, a letterhead, an envelope, and a brand guide using the branding created. I really enjoyed this project and it was my first taste of creating full brand elements.


Though it is pronounced Hifestus which is why I used it for a fake cannabis festival branding. It is spelled Hephaestus. Hephaestus is the Greek God of blacksmiths and fire. This project was a lot of fun. We had to create a festival guide with a map and list of activities. As well as pick some real life sponsors to sponsor the fake event. The event had to be suitable for the sponsors we chose. I used the pen tool in combination with several different shape tools to create this logo. 

Oshun Flyfishing.

Another logo I created using my hobbies as inspiration for a fake brand. I used the pen tool for this and it was the most intricate piece of work I had done with. It really put my skills to the test and I had fun learning from the experience. The coloring was inspired by pinkish color of fish eggs for the circle, the color of the sky/water for the blue, and the color of the sun for the yellow. The name Oshun in Yoruba tradition is often referred to as the river Goddess. This is why I chose the name for the branding. It also works well as it is pronounced the same as the word ocean. 

Okanagan Humane Society.

This Logo was created in the final term of the design portion. We were given real life clients that the school found for us who were interested in re-branding. I took inspiration from some other images I found and spent forever making this work by overlapping silhouette images. I then used the pen tool to create the outline once I had the effect I wanted. I am not sure which groups logo they ended up choosing if any as they seemed quite attached to their existing logo.

My Logo.

My logo and branding was also created in the final term of design school. I took inspiration from the pen tool as well as some military emblems. It took a very long time to perfect this logo as it is perfectly symmetric. I had to find a font that was also very symmetric to match things. Finding the perfect font almost took as long as creating the symbol mark here. The project for our branding was THE major project of the entire design course. We were tasked with creating the logo, business cards, letterheads, envelopes, a portfolio book, as well as a website in a separate class that semester. The Okanagan Humane Society project was also in the final term so it was extremely busy. I learned a lot about multi tasking and task management that term.