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Welcome to the Motion Graphics section of my site. As you can tell by how interactive everything is on my site. Motion graphics is probably the area I am most passionate about in all of the areas of designing. I still enjoy all aspects of design. There’s just something about bringing things to life more through motion graphics that really get’s me going! Especially if it’s using a logo or something I created. If you would like to reach me for any Motion Graphics work there is a form located at the bottom of every page. It would be my pleasure to assist you with any of your Motion Graphics needs.

Ohio Retail Realty.

I created this for the Ohio Retail Realty branding. Tito never asked for it but I wanted a video asset for a mock site I was building. I was browsing my Envato Elements because I have a subscription there and I found a nice looking logo reveal. I had to change all of the elements in the file and add shaders more suitable to the brand. I also added the shine effect from the trapcode suite by Red Giant. It was a great learning experience not only to learn what it takes to modify templates. But also seeing how it was created will allow me to create my own in the future.

Thank You for allowing me to create for you Tito!

Tenebris Coffee Co.

This logo animation was the very 1st logo animation I ever created. It was done for a local coffee shop that the school provided me the job lead to. Although I didn’t create the logo the owner of the Coffee shop was more than happy to provide me with everything I needed to create this. He provided me with the logo and all of the brand colors which is why it is on a dark blue background. It was a pleasure creating this and my animation teacher gave me some extremely helpful tips to bring it to life even more! Thank you for your help Roland! Without your inspiration and helpful advice these tasks would have been much more difficult to accomplish!

Thank you Tenebris for choosing me to create for you!

My Logo Animation.

My logo animation started out as just the 3D logo with revolving parts on a black background. After I learned more about 3D techniques I eventually decided to upgrade it to what you see here. I added a background and applied some effects to it. Added animated textures to all of the elements of my logo. As well as added the bursting star effects. All of the effects except for the animated textures were from the Red Giant Suite. It was extremely fun to create and learn about the Red Giant suite and many of it’s effects while I created this. I don’t think I could push effects much futher than this either or it starts to look too tacky.

Okanagan Humane Society.

I created this to go along with the branding package for the charity re-brand project in school. The reason I created the logo like that was so I could animate it like this. I wanted to create a full package for them and I did. Unfortunately it appears as though they were very attached to their existing banding so they didn’t end up picking a winner. I still learned a whole bunch from the experience and for that I am grateful!

Thank You Okanagan Humane Society!

Animated Mindmap.

I was tasked with creating a mindmap for a live presentation project in the final term of design school. I found a template of a mindmap and filled it with my content. Since that only took like 30 minutes I decided to animate everything. In doing so I discovered that animating things will aid me in my presentations as I can add sound que’s. I had alot of fun with this project and did extremely well. The next part of the project is to create a 5 minute presentation based off of the topics in this mindmap. I will be sure to upload it once it has been completed.

Kinetic Type Project.

The Kinetic Type Project was our very first project in the motion graphics course. We were shown some examples of kinetic typography and shown how to use the tools in After Effects to complete the task. Some of the examples were quite chaotic so I took inspiration from that. It took me a while to find the perfect scene to match what I was wanting to achieve. This scene from Where the Buffalo Roam starring Bill Murray as Hunter S. Thompson worked perfectly. He explains how he is on the verge of having a total psychotic freak out and I made the text appear in such a chaotic manner it is almost impossible to follow along. Because I matched the chaos going on in the scene so well with the kinetic type I scored very well on this project.

Fake Gig Project.

The Fake Gig Project was the major project in the Motion Graphics course. We had to design a poster and a video for advertising. Sponsors were provided by the school and we were allowed to provide additional logo’s if we chose to. RevRaps was more than happy to provide me with his logo for this. First I made the poster. Then I used the assets from the poster to make an animation. I used a camera move slowly going back and forth throughout the video to create the illusion of underwater waves. The background image is just an image but I turned it into a 3D layer within after effects allowing me to navigate the camera in Z space as I did to create the moving effect. Then I created lights shining down from above,  floating particles and colored them to match the scene. I also did all of the voice dubbing for the advertisement in this video. Everything was based on a concept from my imagination using the song Sink or Swim by RevRaps for inspiration. RevRaps liked my work so much he decided to have me make a music video for one of his singles. The music video can be seen below. 

Thank You for allowing me to use your content RevRaps!

Dad's 70th Birthday.

My dad just turned 70 not long ago. I just got free trial access to the Red Giant suite and wanted to explore it’s many options. So I decided to make my dad a Birthday present. I used the trapcode shine effect on all the text and the trapcode particulate effect on the fireworks. Particulate was also used in combination with lights and using them to link the smoke trails to the Ironman. I learned a ton about the Red Giant suite creating this and also had a ton of fun! It took 28hrs to render this file because all of the effects are 32bit so they look best rendered in 32bit. My dad loved his birthday present!

Thank You for being the best Dad! <3

RevRaps Moon & Back.

This is the music video I created for RevRaps. I had alot of fun and was given full control over what I wanted to do with the video as he told me “Do whatever you want as long as it’s not a lyric video.” I came up with the concept because he lives near the ocean and also by the name of the song. I found a free 3D model of a random person on the internet and re-skinned it to look like RevRaps. Even added his tattoo’s. He provided me with nothing aside from his logo. I did all the re-skinning with pictures of him from his social media accounts. My animation teacher animated & lit the character to match the scene once I had it skinned. Thanks again Roland! I found a stock video of the ocean that I felt would work for my concept. I then masked off the sky from the video so it would not be visible. I did this so I could create my own starry sky with twinkling stars and a bigger brighter moon. It also gave me full control over the clouds in the scene which worked to my benefit. The text and images that appear were brought to life using the Saber plugin from Video CoPilot. The beams of light coming down from above and subtle mist are some effects I like to apply to many of my projects as a “finishing touch”. It can really help to bring some more depth to the scene. RevRaps loved the results to the moon and back.

Thank You for Collaborating with me RevRaps! I look forward to working with you again in the future!

CassCity Little Johnny

CassCity wanted a lyric video for her upcoming single “Little Johnny”. She told me her favorite color was blue and it didn’t have to be too fancy. I chose to use a big bold text for the lyrics because she speaks so fast sometimes. I wanted things to be easy to read and follow along. I found a stock image of a sad boy to match the setting of the song. Used a black background because it made the lettering pop the best. Finally I added the light rays, some subtle mist and blue floating particles that appear only in the light rays. It was a great learning experience for me in dealing with clients.

Thank You CassCity! I look forward to creating for you again!