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Welcome to  the photo editing section of my site. It’s a lot more than just editing photo’s that you will see here. Throughout my studies I developed a strong passion for photo manipulation. All of these projects but 1 were school projects. I will write a brief description about the project and the process I used to create them. If you are interested in having me do some photo editing or manipulation there is a contact form located at the bottom of every page. I look forward to bringing your creative visions to life!

DerTheBeast Twitter Header.

This is the 1 client project. They wanted something mystical with bears for their twitter header. I came up with the concept for this idea kind of randomly. I was browsing some imagery on my computer while looking at bears on the internet trying to figure it out. Then I saw the image with the crystal pyramids and it hit me. I used the crystal pyramids image in combination with 3 other similar images. Manipulated them all together and also blended the bears into the scene. He was extremely pleased with the results I produced for him.

Thank You for allowing me to create for you Der!

Monks In A Cave.

This was the very 1st photo manipulation project in school. I wanted to do something very difficult and push my limits. I had no idea where to start so I googled “photo manipulation tutorials”. Found the hardest looking 1 I could that was within my limits and then changed many elements used. The only thing I kept the same was the planet and the ropes because it was hard finding better images than the ones provided in the tutorial. If I had to guess I’d say it took over 12 hours to create this. Both my teacher and I were extremely happy with the results. I think I got around 98% on this project. The 2% was deducted because he said I could’ve made the outer edges of the cave look more realistic. I have still not done that and will update the photo when I do.

Covid PSA Project.

This was a project for design labs in school. We had to create a public service announcement for Covid. I got the idea because at the time of the project I noticed that #OneWorldTogetherAtHome was trending on a few social media platforms. I blended 3 images together and played with the coloring and blend modes until I was happy. I did well on this project in school and got lots of re-tweets on twitter. It was a fun project to create.

Tiny Planet.

Tiny Planet was a personal project. I wanted to learn how to create these tiny planet spherical images I kept seeing on Instagram. So I did. I used a panoramic aerial shot of Bangkok to create the tiny city. Found a cool stock image to make it look like the tiny planet is flying through a black hole or something. Blended everything together and tis is the final result. I had lots of fun learning the new techniques and was very pleased with the final result from the project. 

The History of Flight.

This project was to create a timeline. Although it is brief and I missed many points. I did extremely well on the project. I got the idea because I thought this would be an interesting subject to cover. It also had plenty of stock images available on the internet to use in the project. I used Adobe Stock for most of the images as they have a great selection. I created the sky from 2 separate images and blended them together with the runaway image to make it look like they are the same image. Them I used the masking tool and masked out every plane to make them look like they are in the scene. The Wright Brothers Flyer 2 took the longest to mask as it has many intricate and fine details. 

Rev Raps Gig Poster.

This was part of a multi part project in the motion graphics course. I found an artist who allows people to use all of his music with no copyright hassles just to be safe. I let him know what I was doing and he was more than happy to send me his logo. This is only the poster part of that project. The other part was to create a short advertisement in after effects promoting a fake concert. The video pretty much matches the poster perfectly. The video can be found in the Motion Graphics section of my website. RevRaps was so happy with how this school project turned out he decided to have me create a music video for 1 of his singles. That can also be found in the Motion Graphics section of my website.

Thank you for letting me create for you Rev!