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Welcome to Sarge-Studios! I hope you enjoy my website! I tried to make it as interactive as possible. If you need to contact me for any of the services I offer there is a contact form located at the bottom of every page! I look forward to working together bringing your creative visions to life!

Web Dev & Design

If you need a wordpress site made, a site made with custom code, a site designed from scratch, or just some help maintaining or upgrading an existing site Sarge-Studios is happy to help!

Logo Design & Branding

From re-brands to logo’s created from scratch as well as brand guides to outline some important rules for your brand, packaging, business cards, stickers, posters, magazines and much more. You’ll be well taken care of here at Sarge-Studios! 

Photo Editing

With photoshop your imagination is pretty much the only limit. The photo next to this text block was created in photoshop using 2 different photo’s and then heavily editing both and “blending” them into 1. Not only photo manipulation but also editing photo’s to make them look better for realty and fashion is also another popular technique and if the right filters or plugins are used it can make a world of difference to any photo. Whatever you need just ask and I will let you know if it is within my photoshop capabilities.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is my favorite area of graphic design. Although I do enjoy every part of design, motion graphics is just the part I enjoy the most. The same way as with photoshop the possibilities are pretty much endless with motion graphics. I haven’t learned 3D modelling yet but I will be very soon! Even without being able to 3D model I can still make some amazing things. I’ve done a music video and a lyric video both for separate people, a logo animation for a coffee shop, a promo video for a gaming brand that I did the branding for and a logo reveal for a realty company that I also did the branding for. As well as many other projects for myself. I would be more than happy to help you with any motion graphics!