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Welcome to Sarge-Studios! I hope you enjoy my website! I tried to make it as interactive as possible. If you need to contact me for any of the services I offer there is a contact form located at the bottom of every page! I look forward to working together bringing your creative visions to life!

All of the sites below were created with custom code.


The Jungle

The Jungle was created as a major project in school. The project was to create a multi user social media type web application with capabilities for users to sign up, login, create posts and comment and like other peoples posts. As well as delete and edit posts they have created. There is also profile picture functionality as well as editing profile functionality. I got 100% on the project. If you take the time to register as a user and make a post telling me what you think of my site I will give you 10% off on 1 order! CLICK BELOW TO SEE THE JUNGLE!

My 1st Site

This was the 1st website I ever created for a major project in school. Another 100% project. It stayed as my original website for close to a year. Then we learned wordpress and I switched everything over for ease of use to make changes.

Spa Project

This was a project where the teacher picked a random website and we had to re-design it in a different style but still 1 that would work with the brand. I had a lot of fun with this project and learn a whole bunch!

Dog Relations Project

This was another project where our teacher picked a random website and we had to replicate it using the skills and techniques we had learned up until this point in the course. It was quite difficult to replicate everything using custom code but I learned a lot!

History of Flight

This project was to combine all the javascript things we learned. A slider, a gallery & some tabs. I had a hard time trying to decide what to do for this project and while discussing some things with my teacher he took some inspiration from the photo above that was used for another project and suggested I make a brief history of flight page and it worked out extremely well! I got 100% on this project as well! I hope you have enjoyed exploring all of my web pages and if you made it this far I thank you very much for taking the time to explore all of my content this thoroughly!

All of the sites below were created using WordPress.

Realty Mock Site.

I made this project for fun as a mock website to potentially be used by a client of mine. I am unsure if they intend on using it or not yet so for now it can stay here as an example of the things I can do using WordPress.

Fitness Blog

This was a major project in the final term of the web development portion of my course. We had to create our own custom WordPress theme from scratch and use it to create a blog or newsfeed style page. Because of my journey in health and fitness I decided to make a blog. I plan on using this blog in the future so check it out for updated posts. For now I just wrote 1 post to meet the requirements of the assignment. I used the same logo from a different project to save time. I got 99.2% on this project.

E-Sports Mock Site.

I made this project for fun in order to learn about Woocommerce. Once I figured out how easy that was my addiction to WordPress took hold and I wanted more so I learned about some other plugins as well. I learned all about user account functionality that allows me to restrict access to anyone but users. In addition to this I added a wallet functionality so users can add funds to their wallets and purchase items from the store with those funds. All of these functions couple with Woocommerce. Essentially what I have developed here is a turn key ready E-Sports gaming site. Everything from the logo to the tickets and how things work was all conceptualized by me as I developed the project.

In addition to these sites I created my main site using WordPress as well. I also used it as a major project in the final term of web development school for my portfolio website and scored 100% on that entire course.